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Iranians designing lifeguard drone

Scientists and engineers at RTS Lab in Tehran, Iran, are busy designing a quadcopter capable of saving people in risk of drowning.

The quadcopter will be able to locate potential drowning victims using thermal image cameras. Once it has flown to a location above them, it will then dispense life-preservers.

RTS Lab has built a prototype capable of carrying one life-preserver, but are working on a new quadcopter capable of carrying three. And, according to RTS Lab, that’s just the beginning of the good news.

On their website, they write that:

“So far 3 pads have been considered for the robot that gives it the ability to save 3 lives in one operation; by using chemical materials for bloating the life pads, the pads can be increased to more than 15 in number.”

“The robot is waterproof and it can land on the sea surface. When the robot faces an accident or in low battery situations it lands on sea, to not see more damage or sink.”

I, for one, think it sounds like a great use of drones. I just wonder if a) the price of it is going to be reasonable and b) if the US will try to tailor the Stuxnet virus to attack these guys as well…

This is what the future could look like, when a drone comes to the rescue:



Iran builds reverse ancient American chopper

Iran seems to have a thing about reverse engineering. Previously, the country said it was in the process of reverse engineering an American drone and now it turns out that they are ready to launch another feat of reverse engineering. This feat has, however, been some time in the coming.

The reversed object in questions is the American Bell AH-1 Cobra helicopter.

Most of us have probably seen the Cobra before. It was one of the helicopters used by US forces in the Vietnam War. Yep, it’s that old.

The homegrown Cobras will be armed with “different types of home-made caliber guns, rockets and missiles,” according to the Fars news agency

Here’s betting one of them will be a Tommy Gun….

Iran want to build the same drone that got shot down?

Recently, reports emerged that Iran had downed a US RQ-170 Sentinel Drone.

According to an article in the Washington Post, the Iranians are now saying that they are in the final stages of extracting data from the drone. The Iranian government said that it planned to use the data to sue the US for infringing on its airspace.

Interestingly enough, the Iranians claimed that they are also planning to replicate the drone aircraft through a process of reverse engineering.

Now several things strike me in this context.

One is the fact that there might be a couple of serious faults with the design of the RQ-170.

One is, of course, tied to the that the Iranians were apparently able to hit it. The RQ-170 is built by Lockheed Martin and most experts agree that it is a stealth drone, built for reconnaissance. In other words, it’s a spy that isn’t supposed to show up on the enemy’s radar.

And it obviously did.

The second problem is the fact that the Iranians are apparently able to extract data from the downed drone. You’d expect that the data in question would be heavily encrypted. making it hard for them to decipher it. You would probably also expect the drone to be fitted with some sort of kill switch, that would try to erase the data, if the craft was damaged. This doesn’t seem to be the case.

Now, perhaps the data the drone in question wasn’t thought to be valuable enough to engage such a kill switch, or perhaps such a device isn’t fitted to the RQ-170. In not, then recent event seem to indicate that it probably be in the future.

All of this does, in some ways, make it less likely for the Iranians to actually be advancing in leaps and bounds as they claim to be. Because if they’re having so few difficulties getting the data and were able to actually hit the RQ-170, then why would they want to build more of them?

It would be like witnessing the first incarnation of the famous/infamous Mercedes A-class failing the security tests and then proceeding to build thousands of them.