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DOS computer system bug halts Belgian election results


A computer system that’s roughly as old as the first Secret of Monkey Island computer games is currently drawing out the excitement of the recent Belgian European, federal and regional elections.

The country used an e-voting system for the election – an e-voting system using DOS era hardware and software. I kid you not.

“The voting machines in question are x86 PCs from the DOS era, with two serial ports, a parallel port, a paltry 1 megabyte of RAM and a 3.5-inch disk drive used to load the voting software from a bootable DOS disk,” IT World reports.

Even though the system is roughly as old as Asterix’ village, the real issue seems to be a bug in the voting software. The bug caused “incoherent” election results when trying to add up preferential votes.

“The fault appeared in the system despite the fact that the application was especially developed for these elections, was “tested thousands of times” and was certified by PriceWaterhouseCoopers,” ministry spokesman Peter Grouwels said.

You’d expect the certification to be written in stone….

Belgium – the country of chocolate, comics…and computers from the crustacean period.


Geeking out on a Wednesday afternoon

Geek Christmas Decorations
Photo by: Qole Tech

A great thing about working in the age of the Internet is that I can kinda decide my own hours. Not that I don’t have to work, but I sort of manga, no, make that manage myself. Now this might only count for me – or at least the me that I am these days..or the me I would be if I traveled back in time and…

Yes, I have been geeking out this afternoon 🙂

Not much to show for it except a smile on my lips, and a few little nuggets of nerd gold to share.

Like the site texts from superheroes, home of conversations like this one:


And this one:




Secondly, someone has (finally) recreated the epic sword fighting mini-game from Monkey Island as a browser game. Get ‘I’m Rubber and You’re Glue’-ing here:

Monkey Island Sword Fight.

And now that George Lucas has sold Star Wars to Disney (next episode to star Mickey Mouse as the good guy and Donald Duck as a Sith lord…wait, the second part would actually be funny…imagine Donald throwing a dark side of the force fit…) let’s take a little time to remember how he managed to ruin it for all of us: