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It’s hot in here – Earth’s core hot as the Sun

The core of our planet seems to be a lot warmer than we previously thought. New measurements puts Earth’s core’s temperature (no apostrophe required) at 6,000 degrees Celsius – meaning that it’s about as hot as the surface of the Sun.

Previously, the temperature of Earth’s core was thought to be around 5,0000 degrees Celsius, but new experiments examined how iron reacts under extreme pressure, like that found at the centre of our planet, found that the temperature is likely to be 1,000 degrees higher.

According to the BBC, the new results are crucial for a number of fields study our planet.

“We have to give answers to geophysicists, seismologists, geodynamicists – they need some data to feed their computer models,” Dr Dewaele, co-author of the report on the new research, said.