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Electric car maker plans own super speed changing stations

Tesla, the makers of some of the most popular electric cars going, are set to break into new territory with a recent announcement that they company will build a series of quick change stations, where owners of their vehicles can get a run down battery exchanged for a fully charged one in less time than it would probably take you to change the batteries in your child’s remote controlled car.

Sounds cool, and looks cool in the video on this website.


Tesla pays back $451 million – nine years ahead of time

The electric car maker Tesla has said thank you very much for the loan to the US Government and repaid the entire $451.8 million loan – nine years ahead of the payment plan.

“Following this payment, Tesla will be the only American car company to have fully repaid the government,” Tesla said in a press release.

How’s that for rubbing the other car makers’ noses in it?

The news is likely to send Tesla’s stocks rising still higher, after the company has seen their market price double in the last 12 months.

US state introduces anti-Tesla legislation

North Carolina has introduced new legislation effectively aimed at the makers of electric cars, Tesla.

The state has introduced legislation that prohibits car manufacturers from selling their cars directly to consumers, with the bill’s sponsor, state Senator Tom Apodaca, Republican, saying that it will prevent unfair competition between manufacturers and dealers – giving a new take on how one can define a free market…

As Tesla is the only manufacturer to sell their cars directly to the end user, the bill is also a jab in the face of electric cars from the state which last year banned predictions about rising sea levels.