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To boldly grow – NASA plans plantgrowing on the Moon

NASA is nothing if not ambitious. And that definitely goes for their latest idea: growing plants on the Moon.

Now this is an idea that catches the imagination – just think how high a sunflower could grown at the Moon’s low gravity. And for the more illegally minded horticulturists – imagine how far from the authorities your crops would be 🙂

“They will try to grow arabidopsis (a word my spell checker wanted to change to archbishops..admittedly a more Monty Pythonesque idea, but probably not what NASA are looking to do), basil, sunflowers, and turnips in coffee-can-sized aluminium cylinders that will serve as plant habitats,” according to this piece in Forbes.

The idea is to test the viability of growing food on another planetary body, as well as conducting valuable research that might in future make it easier to grow produce in inhospitable parts of our own planet.


The Moon flag still stands

Sceptics might argue that NASA spent the 60’s and 70’s playing dart on an epic scale and that’s how the US flag ended up on the Moon. Reality would be better if they were right. But they’re not.

According to this article on the BBC, the flag left by astronauts during the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon’s surface is still right where they put it in the first place.

Sceptics can take a bit of strength form the fact that it was a NASA satellite that flew past the original landing site for man’s first mission to the Moon and saw the flag was still standing.