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World’s fastest train zooms past 300 mph

The Japanese L-Zero Maglev Train recently blasted past 300 mph on a test track.

The L-Zero uses magnetic power to float above the ground, allowing it to go nearly twice as fast as the fastest bullet trains around today.

Cool huh?

Then add the fact that it looks like something that ran face first into a cyclone:


California going to build a bullet?

Photo by: Gene Hunt

520 miles of tracks from San Francisco to Los Angeles traversed in exactly two hours and 38 minutes, cutting three hours and 22 minutes of the current time it takes a train to travel between the two metropolitan areas.

That, in short, is the plan Californian legislators are hoping make come true. A plan they’re willing to spend a two figured number of billions of dollars on.

However, it’s a plan that many people in the US aren’t too pleased about.

Question of need aside, the project isn’t likely to be finished before some time during the 2030’s. And who knows what we’ll be driving by then?

Plus, the project isn’t anywhere near fully funded in a state that will need to cut their public spending next year by up to two billion dollars.

The idea still sounds fun, though. Who wouldn’t want to see the wine country whisking by at 200mph?