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Google adds third city to Fiber – gets paid $1.7 million to do so

The city of Provo in Utah has become the third city to go Google Fiber .

The city’s council recently decided to sell its own network, the iProvo fiber-optic internet, to the search engine (and by now so much more) giant.

Google Fiber uses fiber-optic networks to supply users with up- and download speeds of one gigabit – about 100 times faster than most Americans have – meaning that things like live streaming of TV is easy-peasy.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the city of Provo will end up paying Google about $1.7 million to take control of the iProvo network, which was facing financial difficulties (read: costing the city and arm and a leg).

Now I personally think they should have gone with another name. One that wouldn’t have been like a red flag for Google.

I mean, they might as well have named the thing MicroProvo….